eBoy has released an expanded improved version of their fun FixPix smartphone game

Our friends at eBoy, who have designed a lot of stuff for Boing Boing, MAKE, and Institute for the Future over the decades, have released a new version of their tilt-to-solve game, FixPix. It features their excellent pixel-based art, natch. Free to download!

The game features 180 hand crafted puzzles made from eBoys unique pixel art. The graphics are split into layers and you have to tilt the phone to the right angle to “fix” the puzzle. Hidden in the puzzles detailed pixels, you will find a hint to solve the puzzle.

For the new "expanded" version of the game we had to massively expand the pixel art puzzles - from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone X aspect ratio (320x480 points to 320x812 points) which means 70% more pixels per puzzles. They look crisper and more vivid than ever on the new phones. We also now organised the puzzles in packs of 10 and there is a new level selection scene in which you drive a bus through a pixel art city from station to station which adds a lot of fun. Additionally we have a new hard mode that unlocks once you have solved all levels. It messes with the tilt behaviour and adds visual effects to the puzzle layers.