Coming to Burning Man? Join our "Assassination Army" game!

This year for Burning Man, my lovely campmates and I at Liminal Labs are running a big, playa-wide squirt-gun game called Assassination Army: come and get a gifted squirter from us (or bring your own!), don a brightly colored wristband, undergo our rigorous strategy-and-tactics training, and then go and soak other players out in the world, collecting trophies when you zap 'em!

We're at 8:30 and Center Camp, and you can/should sign up in advance by emailing

We're also throwing our annual cocktail party on Thursday at sunset, for players, friends, and passers by.

Also: on Wednesday at noon, I'll be interviewing Andrew "bunnie" Huang, the legendary hardware hacker (previously) for our annual Liminal Speaks lecture series. Come early, seating is limited!


All targets must be bracelet-wearing consenting players, no mass casualties (spraying a crowd). There's no finesse in that kind of sloppy squirtfest.

WATER ONLY in your weapon. No dosing, no liquor, just sweet H20.

Safe Zones: Target's home camps and Liminal Labs are safe for all assassins and targets. Need a break from the game? You can always remove your bracelet or come chill on our shady couches, indulge in our nightly mirrored movie madness or enjoy our playa safehaus (21 and up, you will be checked). Strategize, stargaze and study up on skillful saturations. You're safe with us!

For Extra XTRA Credit!


Got a gripe with someone?

A nagging difference of opinion?

Has your delicate honor somehow been besmirched?

Come settle your disputes the old fashioned way in the Liminal Labs Dueling Circle.

Throw down the gauntlet, demand satisfaction.

Choose a second.

Challenge your adversary to a fucking duel!

Choose your weapons.

Choose your hour—Liminal Labs Duelfest is open 24/7


Fight to the death!

Assassination Army Wants You! [Liminal Labs]