American tourist released from Syria

An American tourist has been released from Syria, report multiple news outlets on Friday.

Negotiators from Lebanon brokered the deal, led by Lebanese security chief Abbas Ibrahim.

The detained individual who is now being returned to America is not a dual citizen and not journalist Austin Tice.

"Lebanon has worked on mediating through General Abbas Ibrahim to release an American and he was handed over to his family already. The American is not Tice because it is not known where he is," the security official said.

From Reuters:

Syrian authorities have released a U.S. citizen and he has been handed back to his family, thanks to the mediation of Lebanon, a Lebanese security official said on Friday.

The security official did not reveal the name of the released American, but said it was not Austin Tice, a journalist who disappeared in Syria in 2012.

The official said that Lebanon's security chief Abbas Ibrahim had conducted the mediation.