Kleptocracy excited by news of pro-Trump candidate's felony theft charges

Danielle Stella is a pro-Trump candidate with aspirations to beat Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar in the the 2020 election. She has one more thing to add to her resume that will surely win the hearts of people wondering if she is the kind of person who shares their values: felony charges for "stealing 279 items valued at $2,327.97 from a Target store," according to The Guardian.

Stella has said publicly that she was the victim of a severe violent assault in 2008. She is charged with the thefts under her former surname, which the Guardian agreed not to report because she said it could endanger her safety.

She is charged with felony theft over the incident at Target and faces a punishment of up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 if convicted, according to court filings.

Police and court records said a warrant was put out for Stella's re-arrest for alleged contempt of court on 4 April, after she failed to show up for a court hearing.

Officers in nearby Bloomington then arrested Stella on 28 April after she was allegedly seen by security staff at a Cub Foods grocery store stealing a bottle of tick spray for cats, and placing other items "under her purse so that they could not be seen."

When they checked her identification, police officers discovered the open warrant for Stella's arrest over her failure to appear in court for the earlier alleged shoplifting, their incident report said.

Photograph: Bloomington police department