Goreytelling: Animations to go with Edward Gorey's narration of his life

In the 1990s, student filmmaker Christopher Seufert talked his way into Edward Gorey's life and convinced him to record a series of memoirs and tales from his life; the project blossomed into a documentary, only to be derailed when Gorey died.

Now, the doc (tentatively titled "Gorey") is nearly done and father-and-son animator team Benjamin and Jim Wickey have created some delightful shorts using some of the the audio offcuts, expertly capturing the spirit of Gorey's animation (familiar to anyone who ever watched the opening credits of Mystery!, only to be disappointed that the actual show was never half as interesting as that credit sequence).

As Haute Macabre points out, this pairs very well with The Fantod Pack, a deck of Gorey-designed Tarot trumps.

Goreytelling: Story Telling with Edward Gorey [Haute Macabre]