Watch this guy's hair grow out in a two-year span

When Hawai'i-born Kamaka Dias joined the Peace Corps, he completely shaved his head and facial hair off. Then, during his two years serving in Madagascar, he just let it all grow out. No trims, no shaves, nothing. He's home now and has put together this fun and clever video showing his hair growing back in over those two years abroad.

He writes:

1. I didn't touch my hair or facial hair at all for 2 years after I shaved it all off. Saved a lot on shaving cream and haircuts!
2. This was filmed in Madagascar; the fourth largest island in the world with some of the kindest people you'll ever meet.
3. Some highlights of my service: I taught English to about 500 middle and high schoolers during my two years and raised $3,000 to buy 11 computers for my community among other things. Also cooked a lot of pancakes and pooped in a hole.
4. Most of the shots were taken during the school breaks and weekends proving that it is possible to work hard and play even harder ;p …