'Nearly toothless' Florida woman, 61, bites burglar, 34 (she's okay, he's in jail)

“I’ll be more careful from now on when I open my door. I’ll open my door with my Taser because I have one.”

The "nearly toothless" part is relevant, stay with us.

Fort Lauderdale Police said Fitzroy Morton tried to break into Alice Coleman's apartment on Monday morning. Ms. Coleman, who is 61, says Morton forced his way into her home, and she effectively fought him off — including biting the crook, despite the fact that like many poor and working class Americans, she's missing teeth.

"With the little teeth I got, I bit him," said Ms. Coleman.

From Fort Lauderdale's WSVN TV, a quote for the ages from this brave woman:

"He was telling me, 'No, mama. Everything gon' be all right,'" Coleman said. "'Everything's not going to be all right. I'm not your mama. I don't know who you are. Get out of my house.'"

Coleman woke up when her fire alarm went off. She opened her front door to see what was up. Morton suddenly pushed his way into her apartment, she told a reporter.

"I was able to bite him, and I didn't even have my teeth in my mouth like now," Coleman said. "My brother said, 'How did you bite him?' I said, 'With the little teeth I got, I bit him!' I felt some kind of danger. I sensed it, and I seen that look on his face. My life were in danger."

However, Coleman fought off Morton, who is roughly half of Coleman's age, and the 61-year-old ran out of her apartment.

"I ran out, and when I ran out, he locked himself in here," Coleman said. "Locked me outta my own place."

"He had a big butcher knife here and two butcher knives here," Coleman told 7News cameras as the camera guys walked through her kitchen.

Coleman escaped, ran to a neighbor's home, called police. They bumbled and stumbled, but because of Coleman's thorough and quick defensive thinking, they managed to get the guy. Read the story for all the details.

Here's the suspect's inmate listing, and mug shot.

Morton faces three felony charges, and had a court appearance Tuesday.

He was denied bail, and will remain in Broward County Jail.

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