Boycott these companies supporting Trump's re-election

Ending a multi-generational argument that was supposedly started-up again over my Grandmother Edna's death bed, I will no longer eat Nathan's Famous Hotdogs.

BET shares a list of folks to boycott:

The 2020 presidential race has kicked off, and as candidates fight to see who will make it on the final ticket, money starts to flood in to support their campaign efforts. We compiled a list in 2016 of all the companies that gave money to Donald Trump's campaign and essentially helped elect him by funding his entire campaign, and we've got you again this time around.

Chrissy Teigen, other celebrities and social media users are bringing awareness to and calling for the cancellation of companies that support Donald Trump and his campaign efforts. Whether it be through donations or fundraising events, some heavy hitters, and even entry level employees, from major corporations that affect our day-to-day lives are showing their support for Trump's 2020 re-election.

This viral Twitter thread contains a summary of some of those companies: