In Jeffrey Epstein case, US prosecutors seek a second British woman: Emmy Tayler

44-year-old actress Emmy Tayler lives in Oxford, UK

Ghislaine Maxwell isn't the only one.

Prosecutors in the federal case against deceased accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein want to speak to a second woman, who is the daughter of an Oxford University professor.

Witnesses claim Emmy Tayler, now age 44, was part of Epstein's inner circle in the early 2000s, reports the Telegraph.

"US prosecutors want to speak to Emmy Tayler, a 44-year-old actress living in Oxford, about her links to the billionaire," tweets reporter Bill Gardner.


Now aged 44 and living quietly in Oxford, Ms Tayler was named repeatedly in unsealed court papers as the former personal assistant to Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's ex-girlfriend. Earlier this week one of alleged victims launched a lawsuit against Ms Maxwell, 57, amid claims she "acted as a madam" for Epstein by helping him to procure young girls for sex.

US prosecutors want to speak to second British woman linked to Jeffrey Epstein scandal

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