Popular new conservative activist turns out to be antisemitic conspiracy theorist

The conservative internet loves Zach Vorhies, a lovely activist that exposes leftist mischief at Google! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the Zach is a racist.

Right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe published his latest video on tech giants on Wednesday, touting an interview with former YouTube software engineer and self-proclaimed "whistleblower" Zach Vorhies. In the video, Vorhies claims that Google's search algorithms are riddled with political bias, and touted a cache of internal Google files he alleges prove his case. … What O'Keefe's video leaves out, though, is that his much-hyped insider is not as credible as he claims. On social media, Vorhies is an avid promoter of anti-Semitic accusations that banks, the media, and the United States government are controlled by "Zionists." He's also pushed conspiracy theories like QAnon, Pizzagate, and the discredited claim that vaccines cause autism.

Remember the scene where Senator Palpatine says "I love democracy" and, thanks to Ian McDiarmid's acting talent, a crudely-scripted corrupt politician is shaded with pathos and genuine discomfort? In my memory, Palpatine says only "I love surprises" in this scene. I don't know why, but it works quite well and I have no plans to rewatch the Star Wars prequels to correct my neurons.