Wedged Wonders: pointy concept cars of the seventies

Wedged Wonders is a gallery-tribute to futuristic Italian concept cars from '68-'79.

From the legendary Lancia Stratos Zero (1970) to the lesser-known Jaguar Ascot (1977), Wedged Wonders documents many highlights from the period. Presented in chronological order, the aesthetic principles of the era can be seen to transform, from the stylishly slanted and groundbreaking Alfa Romeo Carabo (1968), through the purposely science-fiction Alfa Romeo Navajo (1976), to the angular, almost boxy, Volvo Tundra (1979), the shapes evolve with the decades. The curves of the '60s were in the past, the triangles of the '70s would have their day, and the square of the '80s was coming.

The look is often associated with British sports cars, but that's just because Lotus was crazy enough to manufacture them in volume, and the Esprit was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro anyway.