Artist builds delightful, impractical Rube Goldberg machines for popping balloons

Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist whose Destruction Diaries series chronicles his creation of a series of bizarre, whimsical and delightful machines for popping balloons and undertaking other acts of minor mayhem.

The performances often culminate in the destructive contact between balloons and steak knives, usually after some kind of agonizing wait while the two inch towards each other; sometimes there are one or more steak knives strapped to some part of Erichsen; sometimes, it's one or more balloons on Erichsen and the knives are strapped to an apparatus.

Erichsen posts performances through the week to his Instagram accounts but they are available to Zuckervegans like me through a weekly anthology that he posts to Youtube (14 and counting!).

(via Colossal)