Rochester, Buffalo: My band The Delorean Sisters plays your cities this weekend

Hey upstate NY state folks: My band The Delorean Sisters is in your neck of the woods, tonight and tomorrow!

We're a country-Americana band — our first album was a fun concept project, where we took 80s synthpop hits by acts like Depeche Mode and Eurythmics and transformed 'em into country/bluegrass, with three-part country harmonies and banjo. (This worked surprisingly well, since wow — 80s synthpop has some of saddest damn lyrics I've ever heard. It's basically already hurtin' country music.) Our second album from this spring is an EP of originals', in the same vein of Americana. 'Tis all on Spotify, or Bandcamp if you're looking for glisteningly DRM-free MP3s or vinyl.

Tonight, Fri. Aug. 23 we're in Rochester, playing at Abilene Bar & Lounge at 9 pm; tomorrow night, Sat. Aug. 24 at 8 pm we're in Buffalo, playing Sportsmen's. Come on out and hassle me!

(In the photo, that's our three singers, Gary, Lizzie and Diane, with our bass player Danny — I'm hiding behind Diane, on electric.)