Woman wins her fight with New Hampshire to keep her vanity license plate

Fifteen years ago Wendy Auger got a vanity license plate that read, "PB4WEGO" (pee before we go). But the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles suddenly decided the plate was "offensive to good taste" and ordered her to return it. She refused, posted about it on Facebook, and ended up getting the attention of the governor, who was sympathetic to her plight.

From Reason:

Since going public about her predicament, Auger gained a strong ally: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu told CNN yesterday that he had spoken to the DMV on her behalf.

"Upon this being brought to my attention, I reached out to the Division of Motor Vehicles and strongly urged them to allow Wendy to keep the license plate she has had for the last 15 years," he said. "I recently left a message on her phone to share the good news that her plate will not be recalled."

Image: Wendy Lee Auger/Facebook