Malicious websites that hacked into iPhones over 2-year period targeted Uyghur Muslims in China: Report

A number of malicious websites that were recently reported to have been secretly hacking into iPhones over a two-year period were in fact targeting Uyghur Muslims, Zack Whittaker of TechCrunch reports today.

Android and Windows users were also targeted in the same watering hole attacks affecting iPhone users, Thomas Brewster later reported at Forbes.

The entity which would be presumed most likely behind such an attack is the government of China, or an entity working for the government's interests — so there's been much speculation the attacker is China.

But no proof in the code found. And some doubt it was China.

Good reporting by Techcrunch here. Not PR for Apple or China, or conspiracy mongering.

Read the TechCrunch article, and check out some of the analysis on Twitter below from infosec folks.

[via Techmeme, images: Shutterstock]