Survey: Self-identified "pro lifers" are generally contemptuous of women

Supermajority's Gender Equality, the Status of Women and the 2020 Elections surveys likely 2020 voters (N=1912), finds a strong correlation between opposition and broad misogynistic beliefs, such as opposition to the idea that women and men should hold an equal number of positions of power; opposition to the #MeToo movement; a disbelief in the idea that access to birth control affects women's power in society (likewise, skepticism that the lack of woman role models in powerful positions is significant).

Pro-lifers are also substantially more likely to say that women are "easily offended" and prone to interpreting innocent acts or words as sexist; only 34% of pro-lifers believe that increasing the number of women in public office would improve the nation's politics.

Next, do the overlap between "pro lifers" and people who blame migrant parents for their children being imprisoned, tortured, raped and murdered in ICE detention.

Remember, for many Republicans:

1. Life begins at conception; and

2. Ends at birth; and

3. Can be renewed by forming an anonymous LLC.

Do men make better political leaders than women? More than half of anti-abortion voters agreed. Do you want there to be equal numbers of men and women in positions of power in America? Fewer than half of abortion opponents said yes – compared with 80% of pro-choicers, who said they want women to share in power equally.

Anti-abortion voters don't like the #MeToo movement. They don't think the lack of women in positions of power impacts women's equality. They don't think access to birth control impacts women's equality. They don't think the way women are treated in society is an important issue in the 2020 election.

In other words, they don't believe sexism is a problem, and they're hostile to women's rights. Pro-lifers are sexists in denial – yes, the women too.

A new survey shows what really interests 'pro-lifers': controlling women [Jill Filipovic/The Guardian]

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