Twitch has nothing to say about one of its biggest cash cows using the n-word

Famous Fortnite streamer Turner "Tfue" Tenney violated Twitch's rules against using racial slurs last night when he could be heard saying, "You guys fucking killed all the villagers, man. Y'all motherfuckers killed them niggas. You can suck my pee pee, man." This appears to be Tfue's third strike, which according to Twitch's guidelines automatically results in "indefinite suspension." But so far Twitch hasn't banned Tfue or issued a statement. After all, he's got 7 million followers there, making him the second most popular streamer on the platform. Kicking him off would put a big dent in Twitch's bank account.

From The Verge:

Image: By Leon Lush – Leon Lush, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link