"Who Said That?" is a fun quote quiz book

Who Said That? is a chunky 340-page book that tests your trivia knowledge on the origin of famous quotes. The quotes are arranged by topic (Love and Marriage, Work and Money, Politics and War, Aging, etc.) and are presented in different ways to keep things lively.

Sometimes you'll be asked to choose which person said a particular quote:

"History is made by active, determined minorities, not by the majority, which seldom has a clear and consistent idea of what it really wants."

A: Margaret Mead

B: Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber

C: Susan B Anthony

D: Maximilien Robespierre

Answer: B. This line occurs in the Unabomber's infamous manifesto. Kaczynski's brother read it in the newspaper, recognized his older siblings writing style, and tipped off the FBI, leading to Ted's arrest.

Other times you'll be asked which quotes a person actually said:

John Lennon said only one of these quotes. But which is it?

A: "We thought we'd be really big in Liverpool."

B: "We're more popular than Jesus now."

C: "Everything is OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end."

D: "There was no play on words, we just didn't know how to spell the word 'beetle.'"

Answer:B. Lennon's "bigger-than-Jesus" comments in 1966 sparked outrage in America, leading to boycott and death threats. Lennon would remain controversial until his untimely 1980 death. "If there is such a thing as genius, I am one," he once said. "And if there isn't, I don't care."

There are a number of other question formats, too. I also like the design, which include a lot of fun trivia notes: