Crowdfunding the "grassroots first responders" helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

Steve Boyett writes, "HeadKnowles Hurricane Relief Foundation gofundme is raising funds to go to 'grassroots first responders, 1000's of volunteers providing meals, shelter and equipment to displaced persons.' They are on the Approved Dorian Donations list of organizations (more Hurricane Dorian relief organizations).

That said, the road ahead to restoring and rebuilding our communities after Dorian, both short-term relief and sustainable relief in these islands is a great undertaking and we need your support to accomplish this. Victims need food, water and other essential supplies to survive during this time. We need building materials and gas for the planes and boats that are transporting supplies to the islands, in order to help put their lives back together. We cannot do any of this without monetary funds to support our efforts. The money we receive will go directly to purchasing these essential supplies and we will provide our donors with financial statements to account for every dollar donated. Donors will be able to see with all transparency that their money is being used to get our Northern Island communities what they need. Money will be withdrawn to Lia Head-Rigby's personal bank account and forwarded promptly to the HeadKnowles bank account for use.

We have teams on the ground in these islands who will begin immediate assessments once the all clear is sounded. We do fully support the efforts of The Bahamas Red Cross and Nema, however, we are in the position to mobilize immediately and not await the lengthy time frame that government has in place. We are in contact now with volunteers who have put 30 planes and over 1,000 boaters in place for distribution of persons and supplies once it is safe. Having learned from our past efforts, we have arranged for local water distributors in Grand Bahama and Abaco to provide free water so we don't have to waste precious funds transporting this heavy but absolutely essential necessity.

HeadKnowles :: Hurricane Relief :: #Dorian [HeadKnowles Foundation/Gofundme]