This wild honey harvest how-to video is delightful

Enjoy this hypnotic video of a honey harvest in the desert.

IMGURian JohnDeCaux shares some wonderful DIY beekeeping footage documenting his dad's honey harvesting process.

"To harvest honey, the wax cappings are removed with a honey paw before the honeycomb is placed in the extractor.

"The honeycomb is then placed in revolving baskets where the spinning movement throws out the honey by centrifugal force."

"Little or no damage is done to the delicate honeycomb by this process, and when it is returned to the hive, the bees immediately set about removing any leftover honey plus repairing and polishing each cell in readiness for a new load of honey."

Watch this wonderful video that shows a Red Gum tree honey harvest from start to finish, from the web series John DeCaux and his dad Mark make about DIY beekeeping.

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