Learn how to build dynamic Excel dashboards with this best-selling course

Microsoft Excel has long been taken for granted in the modern office, but that's quickly changing as the field of data analytics becomes more vital. If you haven't moved beyond spreadsheets yet, it might be time to open up the functionality of this trusty platform – and this course on Microsoft Excel Data Analysis & Dashboard Reporting is the easiest way to do it.

Taught by certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor Kyle Pew, this 3-hour course packs a ton of insight. In lectures and a series of videos, Pew starts you off with the basic principles of data analysis and some design principles that will help you present that data effectively. Then it's a deep dive into tools like PivotTables, showing you how you can use them to corral massive amounts of data into manageable streams. From there, you can use some common Excel functions to create an interactive dashboard that will be invaluable in any company's business plan.

It's all simplified to be useful even for newbies to the field of data analytics, and you can get lifetime access to the entire course for just $19.99.