Watch anchor's great response after viewer tells her to "dress like a normal woman"

After Portland's NBC reporter Maggie Vespa wore high-waisted pants last week, a viewer didn't approve of her wardrobe, saying via Facebook that she looked ridiculous in pants.

According to USA Today:

She replied to him and said she would not change her attire, prompting the viewer to write back while she was on the air live on Friday. In that message, he wrote, "OMG you really looked uncomfortably (sic) tonight. Try dressing like a normal woman. Doesn't KGW pay you enough for a wardrobe makeover?"

Her male co-workers were shocked, she said, but this kind of incident is not new for women who work on TV.

Vespa said she shared the comments with her mother, who also worked as a news anchor in Peoria, Illinois.

"She talked about getting horrible, toxic comments from people and unbelievably sexist things that make this look pale in comparison," Vespa said. "So I just thought, 'Let's say something.'"

Her response in the segment above is wonderful.