Gears of War 5 is the most yawningly Gears of War game yet

Gears of War 5 is absolutely the 5th game in the Gears of War series.

I loved the first Gears of War game. The story was interesting and the commercial for it remains my favorite video game commercial of all time — even better than the live action Halo stuff. However, everything great about this game series was in that first commercial.

Gears of War is beyond repetitive. You basically run on a track around a map, hiding and ducking behind things, popping up to take shots, and occasionally throwing a hand grenade. There isn't a lot of playing the game and it feels a lot like button mashing to me! This gameplay was fun when the story was fresh and interesting. Doing the same thing 5 games later, with the same story being played basically over and over again? Dull.

The graphics are beautiful. The game runs so smoothly on my Xbox One X it makes me wonder why other games do not. The game itself is OK to play through with friends but is limited by a campaign mode that stops at 3 people. Fortnite lets very large groups of players play together. Fortnite is also more fun.

I do like Gears, but this is getting tired.