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There's reading for pleasure, and then there's reading for fuel; absorbing the great ideas in nonfiction books so you can apply them in your own life. In today's hectic pace, it can be difficult to find the time to do that reading – especially for the entrepreneurs and professionals who can benefit the most from the added insight.

Thankfully, there's a service that's tailor-made for the lifestyle. The 12min Book Summary Library gives you all the key ideas from today's bestselling nonfiction books in a tight, fact-filled package that you can finish in a single short commute.

The concept is simple. You get access to classics and modern bestsellers from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Ben Mezrich, and Marie Kondo, distilled into micro books that you can read or listen to – all in 2 minutes or less. Save books to your list and you can even pull them up without internet access. 12min's library spans more than 200 titles and counting, but you can suggest new ones to be added on.

It's a ton of great content in a format that works for anyone, and you can now get lifetime access to 12min for $39 – a full 88% off the MSRP.