Trump visits Silicon Valley for fundraiser, location a mystery even to donors

It's Donald's first time visiting Silicon Valley since 2016. Who's going?

Donald Trump is scheduled for a fundraiser tonight, Tuesday September 17, 2019, in part of California he hasn't traveled to since the year he became president. Silicon Valley.

From the WSJ:

Three years ago, an uproar among company employees forced the chief executive of Intel Corp. at the time to cancel an event for candidate Donald Trump at his Atherton, Calif., home hours after the plan became public. On Tuesday, the president is set to return to the Bay Area for the first time since his election—and who is hosting him has been a closely guarded secret.

Campaign aides and advisers cited security and privacy concerns and noted violence that arose from protests during Mr. Trump's previous trips to the area as they declined through Monday evening to disclose the host of the fundraiser the president will attend.

Donors invited to the event—whose tickets cost up to $100,000 per couple—weren't told in advance where the fundraiser is or who is hosting it. Instead, they were told to arrive at a parking place in Palo Alto, from which they will be transported to the event.

President Trump is visiting Silicon Valley for the first time since 2016 for a fundraiser, but its location is a mystery, even to the donors [Wall Street Journal]

Why this shouldn't surprise anyone, from Washington Monthly:

The Bay Area is known as a base for the far left in this country, but Silicon Valley isn't in that mold. It's not that Trump's policies violate every principle espoused during the Summer of Love that is causing him problems in Atherton, California. It's his attitude toward reality. It's his complete disregard for facts, evidence, and the scientific method. People in the Bay Area would protest almost any Republican president because of their attitudes on cultural issues—and most likely their foreign policies, too. But Trump arouses an additional kind of contempt because he's the most anti-scientific president in history. This characteristic costs him more heavily in Silicon Valley than in other big business centers around the country.