Get skin-deep relief with these CBD lotions and creams

Studies have shown cannabidiol (more popularly known as CBD) to be effective in two main areas: Pain relief and stress relief. Both of those make the non-psychoactive, cannabis-derived compound a natural for topical creams. There's no shortage of CBD products out there, but here's eight of our favorites, all specifically designed for dermatological use – and most on deep discount this week.

As with any medicinal product, make sure you ask your doctor before using and check the laws in your state regarding CBD before you buy.

Medix 150 Mg CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

Get results right where you need them with this topical cream. Medix's 150 mg of CBD is derived from raw hemp oil and is mixed with a battery of natural ingredients to deliver fast-acting relief. A 1 oz container is now on sale for $24.99, a 58% discount.

Curapure 500mg CBD Sports Cream

This cream combines CBD with proven ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus leaf to form a fast-acting balm that's perfect for active lifestyles. No parabens, no mineral oil, just natural care that dispenses easily from an airless pump. Get a 500 mg bottle for $33.95, down 15% from the list price.

CBD Moisturizing Lotion

Here's a great addition to the morning beauty routine. This lotion packs a potent combo of CBD, Schisandra, Goji Berry and other herbs for a moisturizing effect like no other. It's fully vegan, compatible with any skin type, and you can get a 50 ml bottle now for $80.

CBD Full Spectrum Lotion

This high-concentrate lotion is portable enough to take anywhere. Use it in a pinch to treat aches, pains or dry skin with a hemp-derived dose of CBD mixed with citrus and lavender. Pick up a bottle now for $29.99, a full 33% off the MSRP.

Sunset CBD Hemp Oil Salt Glow Body Scrub

Pamper your skin and more with this double-duty exfoliant. The non-greasy blend polishes tired skin and stimulates circulation, while the organic hemp oil infusion works subdermally to relieve stress. A bottle of Sunset CBD Hemp Oil is now $19.99, a 60% break off the retail price.

Sunset CBD Pain Relief Cream

For post-workout aches or flare-ups of localized pain, try this gluten-free, non-GMO blend. It includes 250 mg of pharmaceutical-grade CBD that works quickly with just a thin layer. Grab your bottle now for half off at $19.99.

Sunset CBD Organic CBD-Infused Shampoo & Conditioner

Is your hair sensitive to the chemicals normally present in shampoos and conditioners? Switch to this combo that replaces heavy metals and insecticides with soothing botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD oil. It's now $29.99 for the pair, a full 50% off the original cost.

Cannabliss Organic CBD Revitalizing Serum 30ml

Ginseng and mulberry bark are just a couple of the natural ingredients in this anti-aging serum. Hemp-derived CBD aids the process of hydration, firming up the skin and promoting cell regeneration. Your 30 ml bottle is now on sale for $120.