Florida woman bites camel's testicles

The Advocate in Baton Rouge reports that a Florida woman crawled into a camel enclosure at a roadsize zoo, the camel sat on her, and that she bit the camel's testicles "to escape".

The investigation found that the couple had provoked the camel before it sat on the woman. "The camel did nothing wrong," Hamilton said. "They (the couple) were aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine."

The truck stop, located 20 minutes outside of Baton Rouge, keeps a camel named Caspar and for many years controversially kept a tiger for visitors to see on-site. The couple, who weren't identified, stopped at the truck stop to let the dog out.

The couple were cited with a leash law violation (they also let their dog into the camel enclosure) and criminal trespassing.