An 11-year-old boy drives more than 200 miles to live with a stranger he met on Snapchat

An 11-year-old South Carolina boy took his brother's car and drove for three hours — and more than 200 miles — looking for a man he met on Snapchat. He said he wanted to "live with" the stranger, according to police. Fortunately, he got lost and asked a police officer to help him get back home.

According to CNN:

After three hours of driving, the young boy spotted a police officer, pulled up next to his vehicle and said he was lost, according to police. The child drove from the northwest town of Simpsonville to Charleston.

He told the officer early Monday morning he had taken his brother's car to go to Charleston where he wanted to live with "an unknown male he met on Snapchat," police said.

But when he lost GPS signal on his father's tablet, he couldn't recover the man's address, police said, as Snapchat messages disappear or are deleted after they're read.

The child was able to give the officer his name, his father's name and his cell phone. He was reunited with his family later in the day.

So far there isn't any information about the stranger the boy was trying to meet, but police are investigating.

Image by SauerArt/Pixabay