Aeropress has made a travel version that fits inside of its own mug

I travel a lot and wherever I go, I bring an Aeropress, because life is too short for shitty coffee.

As much as I love traveling with an Aeropress, I am the first to admit that it's a bit ungainly in the suitcase: not only does the flange around the press make it an awkward fit, but it's very hard to get an Aeropress to work with either the small (and regrettably fragile) water-glasses in the hotel bathroom or the flimsy paper cups in the "coffee" maker. I make do by traveling with a clever and indestructible flatpack coffee-cup, which works reasonably well, but even that reliable accessory has occasionally catastrophically unfolded itself while I was pressing a shot into it.

Now, perhaps, there is a better way. Aeropress has announced a travel-sized version of its amazing and versatile coffee-maker, the $32 Aeropress Go, which is shorter and narrower, and fits inside its own rigid mug; it comes with a folding stirrer and scoop that fit inside the press (which fits inside the mug) as well as a little plastic safe for the paper filter (or you can switch to a reusable metal filter).

The company is taking pre-orders for a "late October" ship-date, and — suspiciously — there are no photos of the thing (including photos that might show its true scale/size), only 3D renders.

That said, I've pre-ordered mine. The problem of traveling gracefully with an Aeropress is actually a serious comfort and self-care issue for me, and the company has earned a lot of trust from me over the years.

Aeropress Go [Aeropress]

(via Mitch Wagner)