Save over 90% on this streamlined Photoshop alternative

Need graphics? Before you resign yourself to a Photoshop subscription, listen up: There are other apps out there. You owe it to yourself to check out Youzign 2.0 – especially with the reviews it's getting on tech sites like Capterra.

With the app, you'll instantly get access to a library of more than 1.7 million images, all fully customizable vectors that you can stretch and scale as needed. And best of all for web marketers, there's no complex interface to navigate. You'll be able to choose instantly from templates that optimize your image for Facebook profiles, Twitter covers, ad banners of any kind – you name it.

The features run just as deep as any imaging software out there, with tons of filters that you can tweak and instant previews that make it easy to see the end result. It's a product that will be instantly familiar and intuitive to professional designers and first-time users alike.

Right now, you can pick up a lifetime subscription to the Youzign Design App for $39 today.