Florida man arrested for snipping the brakes on electric scooters

Some people hate on-demand electric scooters — and some people really hate them.

This guy in Florida falls into some third group positioned even further along that axis of disgruntlement. From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

A 59-year-old man who police say was caught in the act of vandalizing electric scooters — slicing the brake lines on as many as 140 — offered no motive during his arrest, a Fort Lauderdale police report said.

He also requested a lawyer and said he "did not want to dig himself into a grave," police said.

During the dark predawn hours, Randall Thomas Williams would set out with a single glove, wirecutters and pliers and, while sticking to the shadows and alleyways of his Las Olas neighborhood, search for the controversial, yet popular, rental scooters that have swarmed the city for nearly a year, police said.

He's been doing it since at least May, police said, and has vandalized at least 140 e-scooters in the same fashion, most within a two-block radius of Williams' apartment at the corner of Southeast First Street and Southeast 12th Avenue between Broward and Las Olas boulevards.

Apparently he was also placing stickers on the scooters' QR codes, to make them unrentable using the scooter-rental app. In the video above you can see him first ensticker the scooters, then come back to snip the brake cords.