This $39 training bundle is your ticket to mastering the Adobe Creative Cloud

There are three baseline requirements for any graphic designer: Imagination, fluency with the Adobe Creative Cloud, and the ability to draw a straight line. As a matter of fact, the programs in Adobe CC are so intuitive these days that the last one is probably negotiable.

Which is why if you're looking to land a job in graphic design, web design, or any artistic career, the Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle is a really good place to start.

This 12-course online boot camp covers all the essential platforms in the Adobe CC suite. Most of the courses are well suited to beginners, but even veterans in the field might learn a thing or two from the up-to-date tutorials. And with lifetime access, you'll have plenty of time to unlock the full potential of this powerful graphics software.

There's plenty of training on Photoshop, the flagship software of Adobe's fleet. You'll get separate courses on Essentials and Advanced training, as well as a market-driven lesson that teaches you the crucial skill of how to keep your visual messaging consistent across platforms.

A pair of courses take the same approach to teaching Illustrator, allowing anyone to create seamless charts and presentations by way of hands-on projects.

Web designers will want to dive into the classes on Adobe XD. The exercises in these modules will have you building actual websites and mobile apps and learning how to streamline your workflow as you go.

Want to see your work move? There's plenty of training on both Adobe After Effects and Animate, geared toward animating and polishing everything from web banners to infographics.

Finally, there's a course on Dreamweaver that can walk even beginners through the process of designing a portfolio website and making it look consistent on web and mobile. And an advanced course on InDesign will slice your productivity time significantly with the business world's leading layout program.

Once you've picked up the Adobe CC, this bundle is the second thing you'll need. All 12 courses and hundreds of hours of training are available for $39