Cops say Florida woman climbed into store ceiling to hide from them

A woman in Florida is in Big Trouble after cops say she climbed up into the ceiling of a Big Lots store to avoid a shoplifting arrest last Friday.

The Sheriff's Office in Charlotte County, FL says 37-year-old Kristina Perkins dashed into the Big Lots store restroom Friday and removed tiles so she could climb up into the ceiling.

She was arrested.

From AP:

Deputies removed tiles from several spots in a five-hour effort to catch Perkins. The news release says she ignored commands to come down and instead moved to other sections of the ceiling. A deputy stayed behind when the search was called off and saw Perkins climbing down from the ceiling.

Perkins faces criminal mischief, petit theft, resisting law enforcement without violence and other charges.

Sheriff's deputies say 3 syringes and morphine residue were found in her purse.

No lawyer was listed on jail records.

[PHOTOS: At top, 37-year-old Kristina Perkins went into the store restroom and climbed up the ceiling by removing some tiles, police say. Image courtesy Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. BOTTOM: Shutterstock]