New Braille UNO allow visually impaired and sighted folks to play together

Mattel has brought inclusivity to one of its most popular card games, UNO.

The UNO Braille Edition (available at Target for $9.99) was developed in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind and allows both the visually impaired and sighted people to play UNO together. The special deck's announcement comes shortly after the game behemoth launched a line of gender-neutral dolls (which is much better than their Flushin' Frenzy poop game from the spring).


UNO® has always prided itself on being a card game for everyone, but often blind and low-vision people found it difficult to participate. Now, with easily readable Braille dots on every card, blind and low-vision players can participate in the fun. All players call out the cards they play during the game, and blind players may touch the discard pile to verify the card in play or call for a "Card Check" to determine how many cards are in each player's hands. It all adds up to an inclusive experience for everyone!

(Cool Mom Picks)

images via Mattel