The cloud vs humanity: Adobe terminates every software license in Venezuela, keeps Venezuelans' money

If you live in Venezuela and rely on Adobe products to do your job — whether that's publishing a newspaper, running an NGO, or doing design work, Adobe has a very special message for you: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Today, citing US sanctions, Adobe terminated every software license in the country of Venezuela. And because Adobe has "pivoted to the cloud," switching its software to "software as a service," that means that all the software that some of the most desperate, hard-hit people in the world paid good money for are out in the cold.

They're not issuing refunds, either.

It's just part of Adobe's repudiation of capitalism and the idea of private property — just because you paid for your Adobe products, you don't actually own them.

You've charged me, when will I get my refund?

We are unable to issue refunds. Executive order 13884, orders the cessation of all activity with the entities including no sales, service, support, refunds, credits, etc.
What about the free services I use? Am I still able to access them?

Adobe will no longer provide access to software and services, including free ones, or enable you to make any new purchases. We apologize for the inconvenience.
When will I lose access to my Adobe accounts and content?

You have until October 28, 2019 to download any content that you have stored in your Adobe account. After this date your account will be deactivated.

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