Woman explains why she hates living in her tiny house

I'm attracted to the idea of tiny houses, but after reading Adele Peters' essay about how much she hates living in one, my enthusiasm is diminished.

She lives in a 240-square foot house (which is large, by tiny house standards) in Oakland and says that getting a vacuum cleaner out of the closet or even something out of a kitchen drawer "often involves a Tetris-like game of moving multiple other things out of the way." She says her experience often reminds her of the Portlandia episode about tiny houses:

I can relate to a moment in a Portlandia episode about a tiny house village when Fred Armisen tries to open the fridge and the door bangs into a ladder from the loft. (Armisen's character, like me, works from home, and in another scene he sits on the toilet with a fold-down desk and his laptop, explaining that the bathroom doubles as a home office as he hands Carrie Brownstein shower gel.) My bathroom, a 3-by-6-foot "wet room" with a walk-in shower, is so small that it doesn't have a sink, and I have to use the nearby kitchen sink to brush my teeth. Though the apartment is fast to clean, it gets messy equally quickly. Invariably, I meet friends elsewhere, since there aren't enough places to sit. Even as a minimalist who once happily lived with an ex-boyfriend in a space that was only a little larger, I think it's too small.

Image: Vimeo/Portlandia