Kickstarting a two-book collection of Anthony "Tonky" Clune's street photos

For many years, we've brought you the delightful arts and crafts of Anthony "Tonky" Clune: beautiful felt housewares, giant wall-stickers, a short film about thrifting, cool reflective cycling safety badges and more.

Now, Tonky is kickstarting a pair of books collecting decades' worth of his street photography, which feature some beautiful work. He needs a mere $3370 for prepress work, and $5 gets you a set of PDFs, $20 gets you one volume, and $35 gets you both.

He hopes to deliver for Christmas but warns it might be January. Given that he's delivered other print projects before, this feels like a low-risk crowdfunder, though as with all such, be advised that you might got get anything for your money.

Anthony Clune Photo Books: 1999-2019 [Anthony Clune/Kickstarter]