Rudy Giuliani is under investigation, CNN reports

Giuliani dealings with associates scrutinized in ongoing investigation

Not a good day for former New York mayor and Donald Trump ally Rudolph Giuliani.

First, Rudy's sketchy friends Parnas and Fruman are arrested before hopping a one-way flight out of the country.

Oh, but it's about to get so much more real for America's Mayor.

CNN's legal reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted late Thursday that

Rudy Giuliani’s financial dealings with two associates indicted on campaign finance-related charges are under scrutiny by investigators overseeing the case, law enforcement officials briefed on the matter said.

Prokupecz adds,

Giuliani told CNN he is not aware of any law enforcement scrutiny on his financial dealings with the men and he said he has not been interviewed by the FBI in the investigation.

[reporting: @ShimonPro + @evanperez at @CNN]