German bank robber staged a 5-day fillibuster with his legally guaranteed right to a post-sentencing "final word"

German law allows convicted criminals to deliver a "final word" ("Schlusswort") in court after their sentencing; this right is typically waived or used to deliver a few words of apology and remorse, but when a Hamburg court sentenced 71-year-old bank robber Michael Jauernik to 12 years in jail, he used his "final word" to speak for five solid days.

The speech included sharp criticisms of his counsel and the police investigators, as well as boasts about Jauernik's own legal expertise. Jauernik already served lengthy sentences for bank robberies in the 1970s and 1980s.

Jauernik appears to have an affinity for five-day criminal justice system spectacles, having led a five-day prison riot in Fuhlsbüttel prison in 1990.

Jauernik, who attended court in sunglasses, ranted about allegedly incompetent investigators and claimed he had more legal knowledge than his lawyers, CNN affiliate RTL reported. Jauernik's speech spanned five days, a source in the court press office confirmed.

As the verdict was delivered, the 71-year-old continually interrupted the judge, RTL said.

Convicted bank robber makes 5-day closing speech to court [Amy Woodyatt and Stephanie Halasz/CNN]

(via Lowering the Bar)