White House posts "unbecoming" photo of Nancy Pelosi berating Trump

President Donald Trump thinks this photo, of House Leader Nancy Pelosi berating him over his abandonment of America's Kurdish allies, will make her look bad. The BBC quotes Republican "leaders" as saying Pelosi—apparently one of two women at the table and five in the room—was behaving in an "unbecoming" manner. Pelosi set the photograph as her social media backdrop.

A Democratic source told the Associated Press news agency that the meeting began with Mr Trump bragging about a "nasty" letter he had sent to Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan. … Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Ms Pelosi described it as "most unsatisfactory".

"Two-to-one, the Republicans voted to oppose what he was doing in Syria. He just couldn't handle it so he just kind of engaged in a meltdown," she said.

Mr Schumer said the president had been "insulting, particularly to the speaker".

After Pelosi said he had a "meltdown" during the meeting, Trump used the same term to describe Pelosi: one of the President's distinctive rhetorical habits.