How to make bland, soulless corporate music

Tantacrul explains what corporate music is, exactly—"it is designed not to resonate emotionally"— and how to make it. You don't have to be up on your Adorno and Horkheimer, but it helps! The meat of the matter begins about 6 minutes in.

In this video I explore how corporatism produces soulless music, some of which is amusingly awful! I also explore how tech and oil companies with dubious business practices use music as part of propaganda campaigns to convince the public that they support ecological activism. With some music theory thrown in along the way, I also compose a few kinds of different corporate styles to show the various tropes that exist. Some of it is blundering nonsense. Some of it is a little more sinister. All of it is garbage. Enjoy!

I'm a big fan of corporate music that resonates emotionally by accident.

This was always a thing (the Bruton catalog is full of great examples) but it's almost a norm nowadays because talented artists often go into library music from the outset because the touring/recording/starmaking industry is so hopelessly cooked.

"The most common and egregious isn't-life-just-awesome instrument is the ukulele."