Bernie supporters are the most diverse of any Democratic presidential contender

49% of Bernie Sanders supporters are white; compare with Biden (56%) and Warren (71%). Sanders also leads in support from women under 45. Last quarter, Sanders outraised every other candidate, and he did it with small money donations averaging $18.07.

Sanders is also the only candidate — including Warren — who has called for a ban on the DNC accepting corporate money. The DNC is currently seeking $70m in "sponsorship" for its upcoming convention in Milwaukee, and it is soliciting the bulk of that money from K Street lobbyists representing America's corrupt, planet-destroying, super-concentrated corporations.

Sanders' platform also rejects corporate money for inaugurations (individual donations will be capped at $500), and imposes a lifetime lobbying ban for DNC chairs and co-chairs, as well as former Members of Congress and their staff. Sanders will ban advertising during presidential debates, and prohibit DNC chairs/co-chairs from working for any firm with federal contracts, those seeking government approval for mergers/projects, and any firm that "can reasonably be expected to have business before Congress in the future."

I am a donor to both the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

In 2016, Alvarez, the school psychologist, said he was excited about the chance to support the first potential woman president. But when he examined both candidates' policies, Sanders came to the forefront because of his consistency in promoting progressive policies. This round, Alvarez said he again examined all the candidates. "I'm always looking to support diversity and people of color in elections, and thought Bernie should maybe sit this one out, but when I looked at all the policies his really stood out again," said Alvarez.

Many attendees voiced the belief that supporting Sanders was not a repudiation of identities— important ones involving race and gender and sexual orientation—but a claiming of a shared one, as human beings. The idea of a common humanity that deserves respect, quality health care, and a healthy planet was repeated by both AOC and Sanders in their respective speeches.

"We have to change the fundamental logic of a system and a politics that puts corporate profits ahead of all human and planetary costs," said AOC. This movement to put people and planet above profit will require a multiracial, multi-gendered, multi-generational, and multi-geographic movement, she said.

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