Hazmat team responds to Uranium 238 delivery at halfway house

“It’s not clear why the resident ordered the uranium.”

A gentleman with a long history of methamphetamine use who resides at a recovery house apparently thought it was a good idea to mail-order some Uranium-238.

Hazmat teams responded to the delivery.

The man is said to have wanted to take a selfie photograph with the uranium in hand, and post it on Facebook.

No charges will be filed, authorities told local news, because the shipment didn't break any laws or pose a health threat.

From AP:

Upper Darby police say the Harwood House resident ordered two grams of powdered uranium for $12 from a Michigan company. It was in powder form and sealed inside a glass vial within a cardboard box when it was delivered Monday afternoon.

The halfway house screens all incoming packages and found the powder. They notified authorities, who determined the substance was Uranium 238 — a material that can be shipped through the mail.

[AP, PHOTO: Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0]