Save 25% on this AR SmartGlobe and become a virtual globetrotter

It can be tough to convey to kids just how big and amazing the world really is, even with the internet. One of the great things about augmented reality is how it can combine education with tactile experience, making the facts really hit home.

That's just one great feature of this SmartGlobe 3-in-1 Illuminated Globe, a toy that will do a lot more than just sit idle in your curious kid's room.

By day it's a globe, with all the countries, capitals and oceans of the world rendered in rich detail. Flip a switch, and the terrestrial map fades to reveal an illuminating guide to the constellations – a fantastic night light or inspiration for any budding stargazer.

Download the SmartGlobe AR app, and that's when the functionality really opens up. Use your tablet to scan the globe and "Patrick the World Traveller" will reveal a ton of info on every corner of the world. You can use him to reveal tidbits about important landmarks or activate animated tutorials about different climates. Wildlife-loving kids will get a kick out of his tour of indigenous dino species and local animals. There's even a host of puzzles and games to play, building on all the newfound geography knowledge.

Right now, you can pick up the SmartGlobe 3-in-1 Illuminated Globe with Built-In Augmented Reality for 25% off the retail price.