Got stress? These CBD oils bring relief by the drop

There's no shortage of stories about the benefits of cannabidiol, that benign (and non-psychoactive) cousin of THC. Some have been using it for years to deal with pain, stress, and sleeplessness. And the more people use it, the more discussion there is about how to use it.

While there's no shortage of quality edibles on the market, oils and tinctures are emerging as a quicker way to get the effects, and an easier way to manage the dosage. Here are three of our favorites, but remember: Check your local laws before you buy. And as with any medicinal product, consult your doctor to find out if it's right for you.

Medix CBD Oil 100MG (15ML)

Made with a blend of hemp seed oil and 99.9% pure CBD isolate, this remedy is fully vegan and gluten-free. While you can take a drop under the tongue, this one is especially ideal for mixing in your favorite foods or drinks. It won't affect the taste and delivers the same salvation from insomnia or stress. Get this 15ml bottle of Medix CBD Oil 100MG for $21.99, down 18% from the retail price.

Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture


Sunday Scaries products have been around since the dawn of the CBD explosion, and for good reason. Their tincture is fortified with full-spectrum CBD, plus vitamins B12 and B3 for an extra boost to the immune system. The whole cocktail is carried along in a coconut oil solution for a bit of an energy kick, and there are no GMOs in any of the ingredients. Read the rest

Get AC power from your car with this power inverter

Earlier this year a tree fell on a power line in our neighborhood and we lost power. Fortunately I had one of these 12V to 110V AC Car Inverters to power our computers and charge our phones. It has two USB ports and two standard AC outlets. We have a plug-in hybrid so we didn't have to keep the car's gas engine running all the time, but even if you do have a gas-powered car, you can use this inverter for a short while to power appliances on an as-needed basis. It's on sale right now on Amazon. Read the rest

Watch these incredible and utterly dangerous moves banned from figure skating competitions

Enjoy these demonstrations of figure skating elements and moves that the International Skating Union ISU) has apparently banned from competition. Examples include a one-foot backflip, spinning your partner by their ankles, and even lying down on the ice. Here are the ISU's official rule books.

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Watch David Crosby's hair-raising impression of a John Coltrane solo

David Crosby's "If I Could Only Remember My Name" (1971) is one of my favorite records of all time. I'm excited to watch Cameron Crow's documentary about him, "Remember My Name," especially after seeing this delightful clip of Croz recounting the time he was so high while at a jazz club during a John Coltrane gig that he had to hide in the bathroom. And then -- surprise -- Coltrane himself burst into the bathroom playing his horn. In the video above, Crosby beautifully expresses what it sounded like.

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This 3-bedroom apartment in Russia is for sale for $940, the price of an iPhone

Vorkuta, Russia is the fourth largest city north of the Arctic Circle. This coal-mining town has a population of 70,000 (it's been declining every year since the late 1980s). If you wish to live there, you can buy this 3-bedroom apartment for the price of an iPhone. The plush lion toy may not be included in the price.

It looks like an interesting place!

Image: by f-Lars, CC BY 3.0, Link

The palm trees are a nice touch:

Top Image: Avito

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How accurately can you draw these famous logos from memory

A promotional company asked people to draw famous logos from memory and arranged the results on a graph, from least accurate to most accurate. I would do terrible at most of these. Some people were able to draw logos that looked exactly like the official ones.

[via Core 77]

See also: Drawing Mickey Mouse from memory Read the rest

Minnesota county museum's impressive collection of creepy antique dolls

Olmsted County, Minnesota's History Center are sharing portraits of the creepiest dolls in their antiques collection. Folks can vote online for their favorite and the winner will be on display next week for Halloween. From MPR News:

"The doll I disdain handling is the one with human hair,” said curator Dan Nowakowski as he holds up a doll from the 1800s with an impressive braid and a dead-eye stare...

One creepshow contender was made with cloth for the head and limbs. "And then it was painted with a facial tone color, but the paint has chipped away,” Nowakowski said. “And now, unfortunately with the paint chipping, it looks like a mummy."

Nowakowski said that for a lot of the collection's dolls, the unsettling freakiness is all in the eyes.

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America needs a national standard for voting and voter rolls

Frank Wu writes, "Brianna Wu (US Congressional candidate in MA-8 and cybersecurity expert) has a brand new article in The Boston Globe about election security. People think electronic voting machines are the biggest problem. They're wrong. The electronic VOTER ROLLS are the largest attack surface for hackers. 2% of all ballots cast (enough to sway many elections) are provisional and that number is growing." Read the rest

No one is sure if this "baby artist" video is real or fake

Snopes looked into this viral video of a very young kid (some people are saying she is 10 months old) drawing excellent cat cartoons. Snopes found several "small oddities" suggesting subterfuge: "For instance, the child turns its head around the 7-second mark after apparently hearing a noise, but the baby’s hands continue to draw on the paper. And at the end of the video, the tail on the third character simply appears on the paper out-of-sync with the child’s hand movements."

Snopes found other videos of the same child demonstrating remarkable talent:

Snopes concludes:

If we presume that the Peppa Pig backpack in the background of the viral video belongs to this child (in other clips the child can be seen drawing Peppa Pig and wearing clothes featuring the cartoon character), it may be reasoned that this child was at least old enough to attend school and likely 4-5 years old. If that’s the case, while this child’s artistic abilities were impressive, such skills would be plausible.

The child in this video seems much younger that 4-5 years old. I'd say 2 years old is more likely. Read the rest

Family at viewing for dead relative sees wrong person in the casket

A family visited the Bragg Funeral Home in Paterson, New Jersey for a private viewing of their deceased relative Doris Chapman. When they opened the casket though, it wasn't Champman inside but someone else wearing Chapman's clothing. And the funeral home employees didn't believe them. The family plans to sue. From KCBD:

The family says that no matter how many times they told the workers that the body was not Chapman’s, they were told otherwise.

"They kept on insisting that was my grandmother, that things do happen, the body does change…we couldn’t believe it, but we had no choice but to believe it for the moment,” (Geralyn) McNeal says.

“We thought that the funeral home knew best. They were telling us that she was not ready, ‘She won't look like this when we're done,’” says Chapman’s niece Valencia Coney.

The family says that Chapman’s body was in the casket the next day for the service. They say that at least one funeral home employee admitted to the mistake.

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Zuck claims he chows down with politicos from "across the spectrum" but they all seem to be far-right creeps

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Congress this week, she asked him about his "ongoing dinner parties with far-right figures" -- that is to say, the meals where he listens to Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, Hugh Hewitt and other Nazi- and Nazi-adjacent figures whine about "leftist social media bias." Read the rest

Hunter was likely killed by a deer he shot

In Yelville, Arkansas, a 66-year-old experienced hunter died after he was gored by a buck he shot. From CNN:

When his nephew found him, the hunter was alert and talking, and was even able to call his wife. But he stopped breathing by the time paramedics could get him to the hospital, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said. Officials are not certain that the antler wounds are the official cause of his death, the commission said in a statement. He may have died from other medical issues such as a heart attack, the statement said, but there will be no autopsy.

Injuries resulting from wounded deer are not uncommon, said Joe Dale Purdom from the Game and Fish Commission.

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At least 3 women were kicked out of a bar for confronting Harvey Weinstein

Earlier this week alleged serial rapist Harvey Weinstein attended a event called Actors Hour at Downtime Bar in New York city. Weinstein and his entourage were seated at a prime table, which was allegedly reserved for him by Actors Hour producer Alexandra Laliberte. When several women complained about Weinstein being there, they were scolded and removed from the bar.

One woman in attendance, Amber Rollo, posted a thread about it on Twitter. She said she approached Weinstein's table and "called him a fucking monster and told him he should disappear. His friend/body guard/goon/family member called me a cunt and I really really wanted to lunge over the table and strangle him."

Kelly Bachman, one of the performers at the event, talked in stage about being in the same room as "Freddy Krueger" and remarked "I didn't know we had to bring our own mace and rape whistles to Actors Hour." One or two men loudly booed and told her to "shut up."

Another woman, actor Zoe Stuckless, approached Weinstein's table and expressed outrage that he was at the bar:

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OH YEAH! Kool-Aid Man is a Funko Pop

I miss living in that world where a giant pitcher of Kool-Aid could have reasonably come busting through a wall at any moment. Things are a lot worse now.


Funko knows. This is the Koolest.

Funko Pop! AD Icons: Kool-Aid - Kool-Aid Man via Amazon Read the rest

How to hide a coin

For those times when you are short a nickle, it's nice to know you have one stashed away.

The replies to the tweet are amusing, because more than a few people seem to think this is a joke and not a valuable life hack.

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Meet the deep-pocketed Biden Bros: lobbyists for arms dealers, for-profit health-care, Azerbaijani oligarchs, Comcast

As Joe Biden cruises towards his latest (and final?) humiliating defeat in a Democratic primary, The Senator from MNBA is talking a big game about how he will reverse his decades-long dependence on massive cash infusions from America's richest, worst people to sustain his political career. Read the rest

Feds blew the door off a safe in Giuliani associate raids

Agents of the U.S. government have issued multiple subpoenas and conducted searches of various properties in the course of investigating Rudy Giuliani's “Fraud Guarantee” associates, and in one instance feds literally blew the door off a safe to access its contents, reports CNN. Read the rest

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