Tackle your reading list by learning how to speed read

A voracious appetite for reading is a good indicator of success and fulfillment. And why not? The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you can do.

By that equation, the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is out to supercharge the productivity and knowledge in your life.

It's a series of online courses, all focused on the science of reading. They benefit from methodical research that breaks down how your brain takes in information, then teaches you how to streamline that process. You'll get the same techniques used by university professors and Guinness World Record holders, allowing you to double your speed in no time.

And like any good speed reading resource, you can expect to improve your comprehension as well as your reading speed. There's even a course dedicated to the neuroscience of memory that will allow you to boost your retention of all this newfound knowledge.

Right now, you can get all six courses in the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle for $21 – a full 98% off the cost of the individual lessons.