Build your own drone for just $60 with this DIY kit

Before they had their historic first flight in 1903, the Wright Brothers had to endure countless failures, crash landings, and false starts. One wonders what they'd make of today's drones, which any non-pilot can just turn and launch with no training.

Or better still, this DIY Drone Builder Kit, which not only lets you fly a drone but design and build it from base to rotors.

The unit's biggest feature is the Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen, which lets you literally draw your own circuits onto the base, connecting the rotors to the battery. The kit comes with its own rudimentary cardboard arms that are designed to lock together, but you can use any lightweight material that will hold the ink.

Suffer a crash landing? Remake the arms out of your own recycling bin. Want to experiment with your own wild designs? Cut out a base and attach the rotors. It's a great gift for any maker, aspiring or established.

The DIY Drone Builder Kit is now 40% off the retail price.