This odor-beating trash can seals and refills its own bags

Unless you're Grizzly Adams, there are actually three constant hassles in life: Death, taxes and trash. Dealing with it is a constant grind, and if you're anything like us, it's rarely as easy as taking a bag out the door. Liquid seeps into the bin, odors persist and bags rip.

Like we said: A hassle. But, technology has finally caught up to this particular problem in the form of Townew: The World's First Self-Sealing & Changing Trash Can.

Townew trash bag

The bin and the "bags" that come with it are unique in a number of ways. First off, the sealed bin automatically opens when it senses movement within 14", then automatically re-closes.

So far, so convenient. But the kicker comes when the bag is full. A mechanism at the top then closes and seals the thermoplastic bag, locking in the smells and ensuring you never have to touch the contents. Take out the bag, and the Townew dispenses a new bag from the same lid mechanism.

The bag rings are good for 25 refills, and the entire unit operates on a 2,000 mAh battery that's good for an entire month.

You can get the Townew plus 4 refill rings for $105, more than 10% off the MSRP.