Look at this wild boar go after a hapless Japanese businessman

Japan has a wild boar problem. According to this 2015 Tofugu article, inoshishi (the Japanese word for wild boar) attacks are on the rise:

Kobe, January, 2011: An elderly woman attempted to feed a boar, which bit off her finger. Feeding boars was actually made illegal nine years prior, but the penalties are minor and not well enforced.

Taishi, Hyogo Prefecture, April 6, 2013: Eight people, mostly senior citizens, were injured by a single, large boar. According to local police the animal first bit a woman in her yard, then headed east. Tada Miyuki, 68, was talking with a friend on the street, when she was bowled over by the boar and broke two ribs. "The boar came almost out of nowhere, and before I knew it, it rushed toward me," she said. Local authorities issued a warning to local residents, and later that day a boar suspected of being the culprit was found as roadkill nearby.

Kobe, June, 2014: Local media responded to sightings of a wild boar that attacked a teenage girl and an elderly man. After knocking down a young woman, the boar then charges the cameraman. He does his best to avoid and fend off the boar, but sustains bites on both legs, requiring stitches. It was later found that the boar had four offspring, and the attacks were probably caused by motherly defensiveness. Authorities later disposed of the mother, with no word on what happened to the young.

In the video below, an inoshishi decides to attack a Japanese businessman for no discernable reason. After knocking him off his feet and head butting him a few times, the boar goes on its merry rampaging way.

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