Let this app give you the gist on popular books in minutes

There's a lot of great information out there on the bookshelves, and we're not just talking conversation fodder for the next cocktail party. If you want to succeed at business and life, there's a good chance you can find the blueprint in a book.

Trouble is, life isn't exactly slowing down to let you turn those pages. Reading for pleasure is one thing. But when you're reading to get information, an app like SumizeIt can be invaluable.

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Download SumizeIt on your phone or tablet and you've got instant access to a great library of content from thought leaders like Richard Branson, Phil Knight and Daniel Coyle on a range of topics — sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, autobiography and more.

But what's really great for busy professionals is that SumizeIt "shrinks" those titles for you, summarizing them into snippets that distill the key insights and takeaways. They're perfect for absorbing in five minutes or less, which is ideal for even the shortest chunks of downtime in commutes, smoke breaks or waiting rooms.

SumizeIt membership gets you access to the full library, with at least one new summary each week. Best of all, it's now on deep discount for 80% off the list price.